Belize is a small country south of Mexico, east of Guatemala. It used to be called British Hondoras until 1973, although it did not achieve independence until 1981. We stayed in the rainforest, explored Mayan ruins, snorkeled on the barrier reef, and enjoyed the people.

These are a small part of the ruins excavated (much of it with the guidance of the University Museum of the University of Pennsylvania) at Tikal in Guatemala. The steps are steep going up - but even steeper going down!
Here are the kids snorkeling off Ambergris Caye. The reef was amazing, and the multicolored fish were fabulous!
This is the "room" where we stayed at Chaa Creek, near San Ignacio in the rainforest. The meals were wonderful!
The road to Xunantunich is steep - but we saw armies of leaf cutter ants, marching in lines.
Mike wishes he could read the inscription at Xunantunich.

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